Other Uploads

KIRAC Diary ‘Tales of a KIRAC intern’

We’ve been experimenting a lot with other forms. Podcasty things, and now this sort of vloggy ‘diary’ structure.

I’m obsessed with the ‘Episode’ form, which demands a lot from the overall structure; a desire for clarity and complexity: it should be a rewatchable diamond that you can look at from different angles and moods. These things are great to make because they are very difficult and time consuming to make: making the film is a discovery in itself, and the viewer gets a crystallised version of that process. An Episode is very strict in that it only represents itself: it’s not about documenting something or explaining something. Documentations and essayistic conversations between me and Kate are often the vantage point, but they only serve this ‘higher’ structure which is the Episode itself. There is a lot of baby-killing and there are many deleted scenes.

The other structures (like this diary) represent my need to document the process of the KIRAC platform: building the studio, setting up a more academy / symposium environment. Moving away from institutional critique to become some sort of institution ourselves. Letting go of my perfectionism a bit to give space to the other people in the KIRAC universe, such as the intern Sebastiaan Verbeeten who co-edited this Episode.

11 minutes. 2020 February 26


KIRAC Talk ‘Artist Luca Bertolo interviews KIRAC for Artribune magazine’

Artist Luca Bertolo interviewed us for Artribune Magazine. This is the video I shot of the entire conversation.I think I get into a flow from question 4 and onwards, minute 13:30. Before that it might be interesting but I’m still a bit inside my head, the words coming out a bit vague and abstract.
Things discussed: Thomas Bernhard, Mozart, Emmanuel Kant, Well-fare state.
Article here (In Italian) 40 minutes, 2020, February 17


Podcast #2 ‘KIRAC goes Russia with Alexander Shilov’

Alexander Shilov invites us to Russia because he likes KIRAC. He wants us to do something in Moscow. He’s concerned with the state of the Moscow art scene and the possibilities for artists there. He makes his money as a yacht-broker travelling back and forth between Ibiza en Moscow.  It was a great honour to tell him about the program I’m developing to groom art collectors into real Patrons, which could prove very beneficial for Moscow. This program involves portraiture in the literary tradition of Dostoyevski and Balzac. I don’t know how compatible the program I’m proposing is with the Anglo-Saxon / American way of thinking, because these guys are so utilitarian in everything cultural they do. I think what we are trying to do is a very European / Russian / Eastern thing. That’s why I think we have great chances in Russia.
2020 september 25, 12 minutes


Podcast #1 ‘The Video PhD’

Featuring Mathieu Weggeman
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2020 september 3, 1 hour 9 minutes.