#2 KIRAC goes Russia with Alexander Shilov

Alexander Shilov invites us to Russia because he likes KIRAC. He wants us to do something in Moscow. He’s concerned with the state of the Moscow art scene and the possibilities for artists there. He makes his money as a yacht-broker travelling back and forth between Ibiza en Moscow.  It was a great honour to tell him about the program I’m developing to groom art collectors into real Patrons, which could prove very beneficial for Moscow. This program involves portraiture in the literary tradition of Dostoyevski and Balzac. I don’t know how compatible the program I’m proposing is with the Anglo-Saxon / American way of thinking, because these guys are so utilitarian in everything cultural they do. I think what we are trying to do is a very European / Russian / Eastern thing. That’s why I think we have great chances in Russia.


#1 The Video PhD

Featuring Mathieu Weggeman
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