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General KIRAC Images
Stefan Ruitenbeek
Kate Sinha
Tarik Sadouma and his mother
Paul van Esch
Wout Neutkens
Episode specific images
Miscellaneous images
KIRAC logo

General KIRAC images

Kate Sinha and Stefan Ruitenbeek with sculptures by Wout Neutkens, 2017, photographer Erik Smits (Name him when you use these images)

Stefan Ruitenbeek

With Paul van Esch (left) and Philip van den Hurk (right)

Stefan Ruitenbeek and a drawing by Kate Sinha

Kate Sinha

Kate Sinha, 2018

Kate Sinha 2019

Kate Sinha looking at an artwork by Wout Neutkens, 2018
Kate with KIRAC bag

Tarik Sadouma

Tarik Sadouma and his mother in a fish restaurant, 2018  

Paul van Esch

Paul van Esch, art advisor, sponsor and part of the KIRAC team.

Wout Neutkens

Wout Neutkens and his sculptures

Artist Wout Neutkens and his sculptures in his studio. 

Episode related images

KIRAC 16, King Philip

KIRAC 16, The Art of Stefan Simchowitz


Man with KIRAC bag in Greece


Logo Black, without background (.png file)

Logo White, without background (.png file) (You can’t see it because it’s on a white background, but you can copy it)