Tarik Sadouma

Hannibal Conquers Voltaire’s Automaton
2020, Jordan, Amman
Oil on wood

Non existantant knight wearing the Doge’s cat
2020, Jordan, Amman
85cm, Oil on wood

Paintings by Tarik Sadouma and sculpture by Wout Neutkens

Paintings from left to right: Carnaball, Soscrackn’alien, Police Slate, Nobody
Sculpture: Headless Yellow Female Figure

Sculpture by Tarik Sadouma

Donkey Table, Cairo 2007
Materials: Wood, Lacquer, Donkey hide, Lace
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Tarik Sadouma, 100x70cm, Oil on Wood, Cairo, 2020

Police Slate

Tarik Sadouma, 100x70cm, Oil on wood, Cairo, 2020


Tarik Sadouma, 80x60cm, Oil on Linnen, Cairo, 2020



Optical octopussy camouflage

Tarik Sadouma, 100x70cm, Oil on wood, Cairo, 2020


Nobody (Philip van den Hurk and a refugee boat, Lesbos)

Tarik Sadouma, Oil on wood, Cairo, 2020

Tarik Sadouma’s Donkey Table @ KIRAC SPACE

Amsterdam 2020 (more information about this piece)

Stefan Ruitenbeek about the Donkey Table

‘When I visited him in Cairo back in 2005, before the Arab Spring, he showed me garbage trucks that were donated by Europe. The trucks were not collecting garbage, they were just sitting there next to the road, broken, sometimes being used for other things, like hosting small shops. The garbage is still collected by donkeys, who suffer a great deal, are being packed with crazy amounts of garbage, as they are able to manoeuvre the small messy streets. The garbage trucks are often useless. He sees the garbage trucks as a metaphor for Western imperialism in the form of the arab-spring, regime change and the Iraq war. Of trying to introduce a new system from a position of supposed superiority but without any real interest for or understanding of the integrity and workings of the society you are trying to improve, change, invade or steal from. 

Tarik collected the corpses of old disposed donkeys and took their worn skin, showing the marks of beatings and old age, and he made a sculpture about vulnerable and painful power structures. You can change the regime (Saddam Hussein) or the replace the donkey with garbage trucks, but you are removing (a painful and maybe evil) balance. The Donkeys are supporting a table, they are grazing in the white, lush paradise of donkeys, framed by the open table, the table is actually a hole through which you look at the donkeys, whose necks are, as you sit on the chairs, also phallic symbols coming from between your legs. These ‘executive’ tables are symbols for the power meetings that crony-capitalists have with each other. All sitting at a table and doing their mafia game, whilst riding the donkey, keeping people poor and the country corrupt and inefficient in order to maintain the status quo. The table is painted white so you don’t see the natural wood. It’s contained and put behind the white lacquer.

The most beautiful thing about the sculpture to me is the voices of the woodworkers that breakthrough. They see it as an insult to have to create such a crazy thing as a donkey table. They want to carve things that are powerful. Not those ‘low-class’ donkeys. Tarik created an ‘assignment’ for them that they feel critical towards. Yet, you can really see that these guys know what donkeys look like. There is a tenderness in the woodwork. Like archaic greek sculpture. It’s not like a Jeff Koons sculpture where you just use the craftsmanship to do pop-art. It’s a portrayal of these workers, reflected in these donkeys. 

Tarik made a whole bunch of sculptures like this, creating a telling synergie between the mindset of those woodworkers and his own projections, and I am currently trying to finance and arrange a transport to Holland.

Tarik Sadouma is Jaafar El-Hazred on facebook

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Tarik about democracy, media and art (Dutch)

July 15, 2019 (Click)

Interview with Tarik Sadouma by Hassnae Bouazza (Dutch)

May 30, 2015 (Click)

Auto-Orientalism Exhibition

September 2013, Beirut.
Various sculptures. (Click)

Donkey Boys (Donkey Table)

Cairo, 2007
Wood, paint and hide from old beaten up donkeys. (Click)