Wout Neutkens

About Wout Neutkens

During his studies (physics) he learned about a revolutionary theory that unified various conflicting ideas about the universe. The theory was (partly) developed by Erik Verlinde and understands the universe as information on the outer surface of a sphere. This understanding of the galaxy became a metaphorical force for his sculpture making. The idea of a cosmological horizon – an absolute outer surface in which everything is present – mixed with his understanding of the human skin (the absolute and extremely sentient outer surface of our human body). Scientific conclusions could have an erotic or sensual effect on him. His artwork became a way of exploring and expressing this synaesthetic, hallucinatory experience. (Read More)

Wout with his sculptures

From left to right: Wow (180cm), Portal (190cm), Booom! (200cm)

Wout laying with Female Figure

Female figure is based partly on his own limps and torso. Wout made the figure without a head, as it must function as an extension of his imagination, not an entity with a mind of it’s own. (Click here for more about this work)

More information and images to come.