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‘King Philip and the Pied Flycatcher’

After spending a month lucratively behind a Paywall, KIRAC 16 is now freely available on YouTube to do its democratic free-for-all everybody-is-equal duty. Please enjoy ‘King Philip and the Pied Flycatcher’! 66 minutes. September 21, 2019. (High Res Download)


‘Time’s Up, Old Man’

Shit literally hits the fan in this satire about curating within the Time’s-up narrative.
Starring: star-architect Rem Koolhaas, Kate Sinha, Francis Bacon, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
26 minutes, November 2, 2018 (High Res Download)


‘Problem Child’

Deeply serious farce about a migrant child with an identity crisis.
Starring: Tarik Sadouma and his mother, Moulay Slimane, Kate Sinha and Frans Oosterhof.
24 minutes. August 14, 2018 (High Res Download)


‘Stigma’ (the Netflix deal)

We might lose our Netflix-deal after Kate called someone a spoiled bitch. 
Starring: Stefan Ruitenbeek, Kate Sinha, Steven ten Thije, Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam.
40 minutes. April 27, 2018 (High Res Download)


Announcement: Safe Space Monsters here we come!

Announcement of the event that would lead up to the making of KIRAC Episode 13 ‘Stigma’. We got disinvited from the Rietveld Academy because of diversity issues but we are still coming.
1 minute. February 5, 2018 (High Res Download)


‘100% Integrity’ 

Bert Kreuk is an art collector who explains conceptual art in his book.
Starring: Stefan Ruitenbeek, Bert Kreuk.
15 minutes. February 8, 2018 (High Res Download)



An ode to the sexual power of neo-marxism.
Starring: Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Documenta14 in Athens.
10 minutes. January 28, 2018 (High Res Download)


‘The bad breath of Mondriaan specialist Hans Janssen’

This film is applauded by KIRAC-fans for it’s comparison between Van Gogh and Mondriaan.
Starring: Kate Sinha, Hans Janssen, Vincent van Gogh, Piet Mondriaan.
14 minutes. November 16, 2017 (High Res Download)


‘Who’s Afraid of Harvey Weinstein’

Kate Sinha about female sexuality in the #metoo era. About Harvey Weinstein and Léa Seydoux.
9 minutes. October 20, 2017 (High Res Download)


‘The Art of Stefan Simchowitz’

KIRAC 8: The art of Stefan Simchowitz (Our famous film about the notorious art-dealer)
Starring: Stefan Simchowitz, Oscar Murillo, Tarik Sadouma
63 minutes. July 2, 2017 (High Res Download)


‘Indigenous Flags and Modernism’

Synnøve Persen, Sami people, Documenta 14, Athens.
7 minutes. April 29, 2017 (High Res Download)


‘De werken van Renzo Martens’ (The works of Renzo Martens, English version available in link below)

Renzo Martens, Iceberg Slim, Tarik Sadouma, Picasso.
47 minutes. Dutch. February 9, 2017. English version on YouTube here (High Res Download Dutch) (High Res Download English)


‘The Tears of Mara McCarthy’

Watch Tarik Sadouma play with a gallerist.
Starring: Tarik Sadouma, Mara McCarthy, Wally Hedrick, Simone Forti, David Hoyland, Jon Rafman, Stefan Simchowitz.
12 minutes, October 15, 2016. (High Res Download)


‘The psychology of Jon Rafman’

Jon Rafman, Anna Uddenberg, Stedelijk Museum.
16 minutes. October 10, 2016 (High Res Download)


Episode 3 ‘De Kunstsubsidiediscussie’ (The Art Subsidy Discussion, English subs in YouTube CC)

What happens to artists when you start subsidising them? They start to transform into … .
Starring: Halbe Zijlstra, VVD, Merijn Oudenampsen, Bas Heijne.
10 minutes, Dutch, English Subs. September 11, 2016 (High Res Download)


‘Niet op deze manier’ (Not in this way English subs in YouTube CC)

Amanda van Hesteren, Steven Rubinstein, Isabel Lamberti.
25 minutes, Dutch, English subs. August 10, 2016 (High Res Download)


Episode 1 ‘Verontwaardiging in De Appel’ (Indignation at art centre De Appel, English subs in YouTube CC)

Saskia Noor van Imhoff, Alicja Kwade. De Appel.
7 minutes, Dutch, English subs. Jun 6, 2016. (High Res Download)