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Episode 16 King Philip and the Pied Flycatcher

After spending a month lucratively behind a Paywall, KIRAC 16 is now freely available on YouTube to do its democratic free-for-all everybody-is-equal duty. Please enjoy ‘King Philip and the Pied Flycatcher’!


Episode 15 Time’s Up, Old Man

Shit literally hits the fan in this satire about curating within the Time’s-up narrative.
Starring: star-architect Rem Koolhaas, Kate Sinha, Francis Bacon, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Duration: 26 minutes. Release: November 2, 2018.


Episode 14 Problem Child

Deeply serious farce about a migrant child with an identity crisis.
Starring: Tarik Sadouma and his mother, Moulay Slimane, Kate Sinha and Frans Oosterhof.
24 minutes. August 14, 2018


Episode 13 Stigma

We might lose our Netflix-deal after Kate called someone a spoiled bitch. 
Starring: Stefan Ruitenbeek, Kate Sinha, Steven ten Thije, Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam.
40 minutes. April 27, 2018


Kirac Announcement: Safe Space Monsters here we come!

We got disinvited (because of ‘diversity’ issues) from the Rietveld Academy but we are still coming.
1 minute. February 5, 2018


Episode 12 100% Integrity

Bert Kreuk is an art collector who explains conceptual art in his book.
Starring: Stefan Ruitenbeek, Bert Kreuk.
15 minutes. February 8, 2018


Episode 11 Medusa

An ode to the sexual power of neo-marxism.
Starring: Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Documenta14 in Athens.
10 minutes. January 28, 2018


Episode 10 The bad breath of Mondriaan specialist Hans Janssen

This film is applauded by KIRAC-fans for it’s comparison between Van Gogh and Mondriaan.
Starring: Kate Sinha, Hans Janssen, Vincent van Gogh, Piet Mondriaan.
14 minutes. November 16, 2017.


Episode 9 Who’s Afraid of Harvey Weinstein

Kate Sinha about female sexuality in the #metoo era. About Harvey Weinstein and Léa Seydoux.
9 minutes. October 20, 2017.


Episode 8 The Art of Stefan Simchowitz

KIRAC 8: The art of Stefan Simchowitz (Our famous film about the notorious art-dealer)
Starring: Stefan Simchowitz, Oscar Murillo, Tarik Sadouma
63 minutes. July 2, 2017.


Episode 7 Indigenous Flags and Modernism

Synnøve Persen, Sami people, Documenta 14, Athens.
7 minutes. April 29, 2017.


Episode 6 De werken van Renzo Martens

Renzo Martens, Iceberg Slim, Tarik Sadouma, Picasso.
47 minutes. Dutch. February 9, 2017. English version here.


Episode 5 The Tears of Mara McCarthy

Watch Tarik Sadouma play with a gallerist.
Starring: Tarik Sadouma, Mara McCarthy, Wally Hedrick, Simone Forti, David Hoyland, Jon Rafman, Stefan Simchowitz.
12 minutes, October 15, 2016.


Episode 4 The psychology of Jon Rafman

Jon Rafman, Anna Uddenberg, Stedelijk Museum.
16 minutes. October 10, 2016.


Episode 3 De Kunstsubsidiediscussie

What happens to artists when you start subsidising them? They start to transform into … .
Starring: Halbe Zijlstra, VVD, Merijn Oudenampsen, Bas Heijne.
10 minutes, Dutch, English Subs. September 11, 2016.


Episode 2 Niet op deze manier

Amanda van Hesteren, Steven Rubinstein, Isabel Lamberti.
25 minutes, Dutch, English subs. August 10, 2016.


Episode 1 Verontwaardiging in De Appel

Saskia Noor van Imhoff, Alicja Kwade. De Appel.
7 minutes, Dutch, English subs. Jun 6, 2016.