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Kunstenaar Tarik Sadouma bezoekt debatcentrum De Balie op 15 juni 2022
Juni 9, 2022

Farewell to institutions – KIRAC 24
About the developments around KIRAC Episode 24 ‘Under a Sinking Sun’ and our show at KIOSK & KIOSK Ghent.
April 1, 2022

Dear Bret,
On June 28, 3 days before our son was born, we sent this letter to Bret & Eric Weinstein (but it’s also for Lex Fridman & RedScare) in an attempt to reach out to the Americans. It’s a pity our discourses don’t mingle. This could be very synergetic. Meet Team-KIRAC!
June 28, 2020
#greatcharlatans #phenotypes #criticaltheory #iconoclast #evolution #kiracfundamentals

Email to Kate’s former professor in art theory, Jeremy Tanner, University College London
About Episode 16 ‘King Philip and the Pied Flycatcher’ and how KIRAC developed.
Kate Sinha, November 3, 2019

Ayn’s Creature (Dutch)
About Ayn Rand, but also a poëtica of KIRAC.
Kate Sinha, Commissioned by De Balie, June 2019

De valse noot: de ambtenaar als aartsvijand van de kunstenaar (Dutch)
Kate Sinha, Opinie ThePostOnline, August 27, 2018

Kate stelt zich kandidaat als directeur van het Stedelijk Museum (Dutch)
‘Zodra het Stedelijk Museum zich onder mijn leiding openstelt, zal zij daardoor meteen vrijer zijn om zowel een relevante als originele artistieke koers te varen.’
Kate Sinha, June 25, 2018

Email with art teacher (Dutch)
Kate on feminism and Kirac. ‘Baas in eigen hoofd’.
Kate Sinha, May 10, 2018

Token én talent (Dutch)
About the Rietveld cancelation and Zanele Muholi.
Kate Sinha, Opinie Volkskrant. February 14, 2018

Mondriaan’s Desire (English)
Additional text to ‘KIRAC 10: The bad breath of Mondriaan specialist Hans Janssen’.
Kate Sinha, November 2017

De Toekomstige Directeur van het Stedelijk Museum (Dutch)
About the exit of Stedelijk Museum director Beatrix Ruf.
Kate Sinha, In Dutch. ThePostOnline. October 22, 2017

Kate Sinha wrote this text to accompany the release of KIRAC 8: ‘The Art of Stefan Simchowitz’
Kate Sinha. July 2, 2017

KIRAC 2017 Funding text (Dutch)
Funding text for Mondriaanfonds. (Funding was granted)
Stefan Ruitenbeek and Kate Sinha. January 15, 2017

Objection (Dutch)
Objection against decision Mondriaanfonds to not grant us funding for KIRAC 2017
Stefan Ruitenbeek and Kate Sinha. November 14, 2016

Charlie Hebdo: ‘t Is niet om de knikkers, maar om ‘t recht van ‘t spel (Dutch)
Kate Sinha, June 1, 2016

Kunstenaar en populist. Jeff Koons (Dutch)
Kate Sinha, Februari 15, 2016

Jeff Koons en de Oudheid (Dutch)
Kate Sinha, Februari 10, 2016

Vrouwen en de geesteswetenschappen (Dutch)
Kate Sinha, November 10, 2015.