KIRAC is an art collective primarily known for its films. You can watch the films as standalone pieces or as a series starting from episode 1. Our work is funded by our patrons. Join us as a patron and watch all our films!

Kirac was founded by Stefan Ruitenbeek (1982, Breda) and Kate Sinha (1988, Deventer) in 2016. KIRAC produces writing, films, talks, events, poetica and artistic schooling. 

In 2019, Kate wrote:

In fact KIRAC is in search of love, in the form of truth. To achieve that, it uses that
sincerest and most impossible enlightenment fetish of all: dialectics: the belief that the
truth can and will emerge only from reasonable discussion. This implies that
discussion and criticism is always permitted, and that in the end, each opponent really
is an ally in this overriding search for truth.

In January 2024 the KIRAC collective consisted of the following people:

Laura van Bergem (Artist, Danser, Choreographer)
Mette Maria van Dijk (Writer)
Simon Delobel (Curator, Conservator)
Philip van den Hurk (Mecenas)
Karel Geeraedts (Pianist)
Ben Lunato (Artist)
Isa Moleman (Actress)
Stefan Ruitenbeek (Artist, Writer, Film Director)
Levina van Winden (Poet)
Paul Rhoads (Artist)
Jini van Rooijen (Artist)
Kate Sinha (Writer)
Brant Peije Teunis (Composer)
Sebastiaan Verbeeten (Film Director)

Sean Tatol about KIRAC in The Manhattan Art Review, 2022

More artistically potent and relevant, even “new”, than what the vast majority of what the arts currently has to offer, whether one is in Amsterdam or New York. Their films achieve an odd sense of realism, a reflection of the world back at itself at time when it seems almost impossible to grasp anything as it really is.

Art advisor Paul van Esch about KIRAC in 2018

Kirac is one of the most promising projects in recent years. Rebellious, perversely funny and crazy independent. Exactly what the art world, which suffocates itself following and examining its own codes, needs. Watching those same codes and sources be questioned so exactingly is painful and hilarious at the same time. Kirac has the potential of growing so much bigger and evolving into a great and profound work of art on the psychology of our time, using the art world, the artist, the work and their environment as metaphors. Their films are the only art films I watch through to the end.

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